Terms & Condition

Our Terms of Payment

It is our sincere request that you carefully review the Terms and Conditions, as it relates to the creative online use of the platform and other web applications. We concentrate on the general Terms and Conditions for using the www.webcorporation.in website.

Payment Conditions:

The quotations made to the clients are valid for at least 30 days from the date of issue of the quotation. The payment pattern for our customers is given below-

  • 35%-at the time the proposal is signed off. Once the Payment is accepted at our end, we will start working on the project.
  • 35%-After the design has been approved by the customer.
  • 30%-which is final would be invoiced before completion and will ensure that it is paid before the site goes live.
  • If the project is delayed extra 14 days from the agreed completion date due to any factors, Web Corporation reserves the right to issue the final payment sum invoice (minus 5% of the total cost)
  • Once the project is extended, it would ask for getting the final funding to be released.


  • 50% payment at the time when the project was signed off. Work would begin when Payment is received at the end of the day.
  • Full and Final Payment of 50% will be invoiced before the site is finished and charged before the website is live.
  • In the case that a project extends the specified 14-day timeline, the company retains the right to forward the invoice, which would be minus 5%  of the overall project cost.
  • The full amount will be released after the deployment of the project.

Refunds or Cancellation:

  • All amounts shared and deposited in honor of the project are non-refundable or 14 days have passed from the time of Payment of the deposit.
  • Once the design work is signed before the building of the site, it is recommended that all payments be paid in due time and that no cancelation of orders is accepted due to the need for all payments.
  • Fees charged on a prepaid data are non-refundable.
  • The eWeb CMS apps and eShop, use or accessibility or limitations are no particular reason not to pay the left amount for the website. In case you need a specific feature, we have samples for both CMS systems that can be checked before purchasing.
  • Unless any clients contravene Web Corporation's terms and conditions, We reserve the right to terminate services immediately without any refunds.
  • In the circumstance that the website wil terminate due to expiry or closure, we make sure that we can reinstall the website within 12 months with a fixed cost of 30 percent. Yet, in this situation, at its end, the client should have the running site backup.
  • Any complaint about cancellation will be accepted in writing. Few services that do include eShop website, SEO, PPC will consist of a signed cancelation form that the administrative team may request. We will need 30 days notice.

After the Advance Payment, When the Project Will Cancel:

  • A 100 % balance will be refunded before homepage design is started.
  • Once the design of the homepage has been completed, 20 % of the advance paid will be reduced to workforce expenses remaining while 80 % of the balance will be returned.
  • Upon completion of the homepage, 50 % cent of the advance will be refunded upon beginning or completing the site's GUI / Inside pages; no refund will be made.
  • There'll be no refunds for the accepted milestones.

Out of Scope Updates:

With regard to do any changes in project progress,   or if the client hires us on the basis of materials and time, all work will be performed in accordance with the hourly rates.

Terms of Services

Intellectual Property:

Web Corporation retains the right to reuse the production of the technical material in the whole project and will maintain the rights to Intellectual Property on all inventions. The consumer will retain the copyright on the final invoice on all pending work payments.

The Final Invoice of All Pending Payments of Maintenance Work:

Maintenance is designed according to our contract terms agreed hourly or annually / monthly. We guarantee that any project for all major browsers and platforms will be completed and compliant with the latest update. Current updates will apply to the new versions of the program at the time the site goes live and launches before it is not included.


  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox beta to current full release
  • Internet Explorer-version 9 up to the latest
  • Apple Safari update-up to 10 up to the current versions

Extensions and Versions:

Every work will be done in compliance with the agreed hourly rates or addressed with us in case of further improvements or expansions. Our developers may be hired or engaged on time and a material basis.


We are looking for a constructive response, and suggestions based on the goodwill are considered. We are proud that both sides have goodwill about our work.

  • What could be done quickly within the stipulated time frame?
  • Make good use of the tools to produce successful results.

Overall Terms and Conditions for Website development
If you put an order with us, we are confident that you passed and bound by our terms and conditions.


The customers will connect to the organization or person involved in the Web Corporation services.


We will encourage our customers to share their Agreement either by mail, fax, or email. A written contract between the customer and our organization is required to be issued.

Steps of Projects:

  • We encourage our customers to go through the website and post their feedback within the 5 working days stipulated time.
  • We encourage our customers to study the overall platform progress (Working website without content or empty website) feedback they will get in 5 working days.
  • We encourage our customers to go through the overall content-including websites and to make changes in just 3 working days.
  • The final analysis will also include the required changes and submit feedback with approval for a website launch. In case there are any further improvements to the website will be considered as additional changes after final approval and will be charged on an hourly basis.

Alterations and Specification For Systems:

Any project will also have criteria that are defined in the specs set out in the proposal. It will also involve an authorization form that requires approval with the specifications and authorizes Web Corporation to continue its work. The development team would continue to proceed with the exact and correct specification as specified in the documentation when it is started. In case of any adjustments about the parameters of the project after the project is started.

System Errors or faults:

After delivery, hosting, and acceptance of the project on the company's server, the client will be provided with the 30-day grace period in which Our Company will fix any problems or bugs identified by the client's end without charge. If the grace period is over, the regular rates will charge for any necessary maintenance.

Designing of Website:

We also ensure that the delivered project is clear of bugs or errors, but does not admit or assume any blame for the loss incurred due to website failure. Any All images or projects or data associated with it are property of Web Corporation until all amounts are fully paid. In the case that customers need to sell them off, they will need to take Web Corporation's approval before going forward. Our corporation would not be held liable for any of the copyright or privacy infringements that are caused by the material submitted by the customers and would disprove until the approved person has sanctioned the permission. This is the customer's duty to share all the website details to complete the website that includes images, text, email ids, etc.

Our organization should never be held accountable for damages incurred, loss of profits, or compensation merely because of client-side failure. Our business does not participate at any point in time when conflict occurs between customers and their retailers. Web Corporation will not be responsible for any damages, reimbursement, or false earnings relating to the work carried out by the clients on behalf of the clients or any of the agents.

Data Entry and Content:

It is the customer's ultimate duty to provide appropriate content to the developing team without the question of copyrights. Each of the content must be forwarded on to the specific time frame so that no delays will happen. Our organization will not be accepting any blame for grammar or spelling faults. Content will follow Sitemap guidelines and directions. If the sitemap shows 5 pages, then the content for 5 pages must be provided.

Delays Concerning Projects:

When the project has the project's final approval, Web Corporation will finalize the timeline for both parties. If the customer delayed the project by 2 months, then Web Corporation will be allowed to charge fees on the condition of project delay to recover costs associated with the continuing management of the project. It's our request that customers must have a comprehensive check before going online so that issues can be identified and fixed. The client needs to provide the development team with the server-related information while our team does not suggest servers. Any support with hosting on external servers will incur additional fees.


We make absolutely sure our website is compatible with all the browsers the customers listed in their specifications. Further to the intimation that we are not liable for the compatibility of future models. When new versions are brought into the marketplace, there might be some improvements.


Our team of experts would guide online interactions to the customer's team, but it would also depend on the customer's demand.

Where to Make Payment?

All of the unpaid accounts regarding our organization or our associates ' completed work will require full Payment in 7 days, and no more delays will be tolerated from the day of the invoice. Every employee of the account team will send the notification to the team involved and would result in dissent of access to the website if not handled.

Procedure for Complaint:

If any of our customers experience any trouble regarding their websites, they can reach our mail id info@webcorporation.in. Customers are encouraged to share a quick summary of the topic so that it could be reviewed at our end or if they can provide us the URL in which the issue is about to come.

The Procedure of Formal Complaint:

We recommend that an official report be submitted in writing where we understand receipt and ensure that it is checked within just 2 workdays and that an updated response will be exchanged with both the user in 7 workdays. The final settlement solution problem could be given within 30 days. We should ensure that they are intimated with every suitable solution within the stipulated period.

Governing Law:

This Contract will be governed and viewed following the laws of India, and the Parties must present to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located in New Delhi, India, in any disagreement standing out of or linking to this Agreement.