Privacy policy

Privacy policy

1. We collect identifying details from you when you sign in to our website or submit details in our form fields. You are just required to enter your Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Mailing Address, and your preferred budget.

2. All the details you provided us will be used in compliance with the respective laws.

3. Without your written permission, the details/information you provided us shall not be exchanged with any third party or for some other commercial purpose.

4. It will be accessible to all divisions/sister concerns/ventures of Web Corporation.

5. To order to encourage the usage of the facilities and to preserve the consistency of the visit and to help access the website, we make use of temporary cookies.

6. Updating / modifying / deleting the data/information can only be done on your written request.

7. We can never send you any Automated Emails without your permission, and only we can use it for manual input.